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Blizzard Game Developers Share Insights to Aspiring Developers How to Make Successful Games Like 'World of Warcraft'


Video gaming has come a long way and with the demand for game developers skyrocketing, well-known game developers from Blizzard share tips to anyone aspiring to become a video game maker.

Blizzard is known for its famous game "World of Warcraft" and its co-founders, Mark Pearce and Mike Morhaime, have very important insights to share aspiring game developers.

For Frank's first tip, he said game developers should bear in mind that what they're developing is and should be for the world. They have to commit to that idea because there are millions of players worldwide, especially now that the use of smartphones can play practically any game and anyone can create games for these devices.

The second advice is that if the newly designed game becomes a hit and gets embraced by the public, game developers must be prepared to handle their obligation to users who will expect more.

Morhaime added his share of advice and told the Mirror that one must be willing to change course and be open to feedback.  He also said that not everything you planned out for will go the way one wants it. This is why the "World of Warcraft" was created and became the world's most subscribed massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Meanwhile, indie game developer Shaun Spalding also shared some tips to BBC News.  He said any game maker should push themselves and make as many games as they can and make sure to finish them.

Note that a game development degree is not necessarily needed because anyone can always do a research. Everything that's needed is already served online, and if help is needed, look for a mentor. But don't put too much pressure and start making that game, NOW!

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