5 Surprising MacOS Sierra Features that You Don’t Want to Miss [VIDEO]


MacOS Sierra is the newly launched operating system of Apple purposely created for Mac PC and laptop. The new OS of the Cupertino-based tech giant has five surprising features that users don't want to miss out. Find out here!

Mail Filters

A small circular button that is located at the top of the Mail app inbox is the newly added feature in MacOS Sierra. Through this functionality, the user can filter the inbox from showing unread, read and spam messages, according to CNET.

Memories Albums

Brilliance and Markup are the two added editing tools found in Photos. Brilliance is used for highlighting the hidden detail so as to make the photo more vibrant and richer due to the combination of Shadows, Highlights, Contrast and Brightness adjustments.

Lyrics in iTunes

Better than the ad-infested lyrics site, iTunes will let the user see the lyrics while the song is playing. To be able to do that, the user needs to click the Up Next button and click Lyrics; however, the lyrics can be read by scrolling manually.

Game Center is Removed

For some, this is sort of good news since the Game Center is considered as the most useless functionality in Apple devices. However, if the user has games tied to his Game Center account, he can access the information of the play through Apple's GameKit.

More Flexible and Secure Safari Browser

With MacOS Sierra, Apple has painstakingly replaced Flash to give way to HTML5 in Safari 10. This option has said to improve the browser security as well as the battery life since Flash is prone to plug-ins; however, users can still use Flash in a case-to-case basis.

Apple Macs Eligible for MacOS Sierra Update

The latest MacBook Pro 2016 runs the MacOS Sierra out of the box. Others models have the option to download the updates except the following: Xserve, Mac minis (from 2009), MacBook Pros (2007-2009), MacBook Pros (mid-2007 to mid-2009) and iMacs (mid-2007 to mid-2009), MacWorld reported.


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