Nintendo Switch News & Updates: Cartridges are Faulty?; Users Shifted to Xbox One, PS4 to Save Their Penny? [RUMORS]


The newly launched Nintendo Switch is said to be a looser compared to Xbox One and PS4 console due to its low quality specs. Will the nostalgic cartridges make the cut to put Nintendo Switch to pedestal or will it be the reason for falling on the other side of sales dichotomy? Read more details here!

Nintendo Switch Weaknesses

Tech analyst reviews on Nintendo Switch has surprising revelation about the new gaming console. The following are the weaknesses gathered from the mainstream reviews:

1) Specs are not as powerful as Xbox One and PS4 - according to a tech analyst, Nintendo Switch specs are not as powerful as Xbox One and PS4 but it has its genuine strengths, iDigital Times learned. This refers to Switch CPU which is identified as 14/16nmFET that is basically weaker than PS4 but no comparison has made with Xbox One.

2) Weak battery life - Nintendo Switch runs is said to have a battery life for three hours which according to some, signified weak battery endurance. It can be recalled that Nintendo also has issues on the battery endurance of Wii and Wii U that drained easily.

3) Less support from third-party developers - Nintendo Switch weaknesses resulted to having less support from the third-part developers. It is already presumed that once a gaming console is built with low-end specs, developers need to spend extra time for coding and money for the necessary downgrades; thus, resulted to having few titles available for Nintendo Switch unlike PS4 and Xbox One which has actually a lot to choose from.

Nintendo Switch Release Date and Price

Nintendo is well-known for creating Wii and Wii U, popular gaming consoles that comes in higher price. For this reason, it is presumed that Nintendo Switch price will be the same as its predecessor but because of its unifying features, it is presumed to be higher than what is expected according to Digital Trends

Nintendo Switch is slated to be released in March 2017. 

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