‘Monster Hunter XX’ News & Updates: How to Download the Nintendo Switch Demo Sessions; Special Title Means Unique Features [VIDEO]


"Monster Hunter XX" imminent release date keeps the fans excited most especially when the developer of the game revealed about few details such as new feature and new characters added. Will Capcom finally revealed the availability of the game in Nintendo Switch? See the details here!

"Monster Hunter XX" Features and Characters

The game's developers have revealed few details about "Monster Hunter XX" game in an interview with Famitsu magazine. According to Nintendo Everything, the developers' team is composed of Ryozo Tsujimoto the series producer, Shintaro Kojima as the main producer, Daisuke Ichihara as the director, Takuro Hiraoka as the main planner and Yasunori Ichinose as the supervisor for concept and overseeing the production.

During the interview, the developers foresee that "Monster Hunter XX" will bring enjoyment and enthusiastic feeling to the players most especially when they have the option to hunt using their own style. As the "XX" in the title read as Double Cross, the developers emphasize that the game will have feature enhancements and will be more exciting compared to the game's prequel.

The developers revealed about the two new monsters namely Balfark and Ouma Diablos in which the story revolves. Accordingly, Balfark is an Elder Dragon that lives in the far-flung region of Igun Peak which will be discovered later on through the Dragon Signature Ship; whereas, Ouma Diablos will be known as the head of Deviant Monsters.

Along with the two new monsters is the addition of new hunting techniques called Brave Style and Renkin Style. Brave Style focuses on sharper hunting while Renkin Style is a free-platform fit to players who love to just enjoy the hunting.         

"Monster Hunter XX" for Nintendo Switch

Fans of Nintendo Switch are still waiting for the official announcement from Capcom on the availability of the game for the newest console. According to IGN, Capcom has already made it clarified to the public that there will be no Nintendo Switch during the game presentation in Japan.

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