‘One Punch Man' Season 2 Release Date: Set in 2017; Saitama Is the New Villain? [VIDEO]


First season of "One Punch Man" has just ended, and avid fans of the show have only one question in their mind: How long will it take for the next season to be released?

Murata Yusuke, the creator of the anime series, has already announced on his Twitter account that he will work hard so that the series will get a new season. In able to do just that, he'll face tons of storyboards and sketches next year to release the second season soon for it takes 9 months to 2 years to create a whole new season, News Everyday reported.

The first season of the anime series has been so successful that it is already one of the brightest spots in Animeland during 2015.Because of its amazing design, remarkable characters, fight scenes and witty humor, it was able to catch the world's attention, particularly the anime fans. As it is well known all over the world, there will be a gaming application to be made for it, Anime News Network reported. The application will be launched next year, which is rumored to be launched few weeks after "One Punch Man" Season 2 premieres.

In the last episode, titled "The Strongest Hero," it can be recalled that the scene ended when Saitama countered an attack from Lord Boros, but released his own offense; an attack called "serious serious punch" which turned Boros into dust. As the fight between the two ended, Kamen Amai Mask-a Class A Rank 1 hero, arrives to say that S-class heroes will not be able to save a single brick of the city.

Fans are so excited for the next season that each are coming up with their own theories and expectations for the series. They expect several new challenges for Saitama, new villains that can stand his powerful punches, to which we might witness his first loss. Others say that he might be involved in a love triangle where it will affect his hero duties.

The cyborg hero Genos, who was Saitama's apprentice on the previous season, will go in their separate ways in the second season, where the two former allies might fight each other again to determine who's stronger, and more.

Fans are hoping that Yusuke would keep his word, for fans to not have to wait for a long time to witness the second season of "One Punch Man."  

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