Sony Offers Great Deals for Its Gamers In PS Anniversary Sale


The PlayStation anniversary sale has already started rolling, and it is still on its first week. PS4, PS3 and Vita owners are enjoying this sale to their heart's content, as it assures value for money. Many deals are up for grabs for those PS4 owners. Game bundle can be purchased at reasonable discounted and lucrative prices.

The "Bloodborne" complete edition bundle, including its main game and DLC, can now be purchased at only $24.99. There is also an additional bonus if you are a PS Plus member, since it will just cost you $19.99. That's too much savings for one game already.

The "Far Cry 4" and the "Zombie" Bundle now costs only for $29.99 for its regular users and $24.99 for those who are PS plus members. GTA 5 is now available at only $41.99 and $35.00 for PS plus members. The trilogy for GTA is now offered at $24.99 and $20.00 for those regular and PS plus members, according to The Country Caller.

The Sony Exclusive game from "Quantic Dreams" is also available. For the "Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection", it is offered at a price of $19.99 for those who are regular users, and $15.99 for PS plus users. The "Rocket League" is available at $13.99 and $11.99 for PS Plus members, according to the PlayStation Blog.

For PS3 owners, Castlevenia: Symphony of the Night is priced at only $2.99 and $1.99 for those Plus members. "Fat Princess" is now only $7.49 and $5.99 for PS plus members. "The Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories" is now only $3.99 and $3.49.

Vita users are offered with games such as "Chorno Tiger, Broken Age, Last Blade 2, and Hot line Miami". Just like the previously mentioned games, these games are also offered at a great discounted price. Some of the deals can be checked at the official Sony PlayStation website and store, and will last until Nov. 15.


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