'Overwatch's' Sombra Receives Fair Ratings For Its ARGs According to Hero Designer


Geoff Goodman, "Overwatch" hero designer, talked about the controversial take of Blizzard on revealing its new hero Sombra, and he said that it received a fair feedback among its patrons.

The reveal was received negatively among fans since Sombra's official launching at the Blizzcon 2016. This was due to the protracted hacking-themed alternate reality game (ARG), which made fans solve puzzles, find clues and wait for countdown timers to expire.

Goodman said that they are trying to take the feedbacks into consideration and admitted that they are not very good with ARGs since they have not done it before. The ARG was intended to serve as a trail for fans to follow so that it can eventually lead to the Blizzcon reveal.

As a result, it made fans develop expectations about instant rewards for their efforts yet these series of expectations were not met. Blizzard could have just rewarded the online community which followed Sombra through more meaningful means, according to Techno Buffalo.

Goodman still thinks about this result as a successful one, since they were able to show Sombra in such an unintentional manner. He claimed that people were able to take a grasp of who Sombra is even before her unveiling. Sombra can be described as a hacker, and is a mischievous icon, according to Game Spot.

Since the ARG has an annoying characteristic, it goes to give people the idea of what Sombra's personality is like. However, Goodman still thinks that the timing for the ARG could still have been improved. Sombra will be joining the Overwatch's list of heroes as an offensive stealth type of a character.

She is highly suitable at subterfuge due to her hacking abilities. She is capable of taking control over enemy turrents, disabling health packs, and she possesses an Ultimate electromagnetic pulse which can damage barriers and shields.


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