Second-Generation Pokemon Can Be Seen In 'Pokemon Go’s' Latest Update [VIDEO]


The recent version for the "Pokemon Go" is now available, thus dataminers in The Silph Road has examined the APK and saw what they can get out of it. There is a code that was noticed anf it made mention of generation two Pokemon, thus it may imply their possible addition to the game in the future.  

The codes have shown indicators in the Pokedex of Pokemon 152 (Chikorita) to 251 (Celebi). There is a moveset data that appeared for all of its 100 new species, and its client-side update is a requirement before these species can appear in the game, according to Polygon.

For them to be integrated into the game, "Pokemon G"o has to release an update for them. There is no news yet about this update, however the latest version is already preparing its slot for the game. A new move was added to "Pokemon Go"; it is called Transform and it is related to Ditto.

Ditto is a non-legendary Pokemon out of the 151 original Pokemon that were not yet seen within the "Pokemon Go" game since it was launched last July. The Transform move may allow users to capture Ditto, however, there is no news yet as to when will this happen. Additionally, Transform is a quick move and this will be the only new move that will be added to the game since its launching.

The Transform moveset is not yet currently included in Ditto's movesets as what can be seen in the GAME_MASTER file. There is only one move that Ditto knows, and it is Struggle. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that Transform will not become an official Ditto move, but will only be considered as an occurrence every time Ditto will be on combat, according to The Silph Road. In the APK code of the game, the Transform animated sequence is not only intended as it is but it is indeed meant to be identified as a movelist.


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