Samsung, LG Could Produce Foldable Smartphones in 2017


Samsung has taken a great leap in producing cool phone models such as the Samsung Galaxy Edge, but the company is upping the ante and is currently working on Galaxy X, its first foldable smartphone for 2017, way cooler than the previous models. 

The new Samsung Galaxy X concept design shows a clamshell-line device that looks like a makeup compact kit. It is a rectangular-shaped smartphone with a fold. The closed clamshell has a camera lens placed on its top. When the phone is unfolded, it will become the rear part of the phone. The front camera and speaker can be seen at the inside top of the phone.

A curved-edge bottom screen can also be expected and it is more prominent when the phone is closed. This feature will serve the notification ticker function, instead of placing another display at the back portion of the device. The Edge screen of the Galaxy S7 serves the same function, according to Startlr.

Samsung has thought of a different patent for a folded and an unfolded Galaxy X, including how it will operate. It is said that the Galaxy X has a powerful pair of cameras with cutting-edge display. Based on a report from a Wccftech, a Chinese blog, this model will have an AMOLED display with a 4K resolution, and a dual rear-facing camera.

The foldable phone will be available sometime in 2017. It was reported that this model will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February. LG also plans to release a similar version of this model, according to Digital Trends.

This project had the Project Valley codename, but it might not have an international release yet.


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