'Portal 3' News & Update: Will There Be A Possible VR Release Date?; Valve On Game Development Plans Detailed!


It has been half a decade already since the initial launch of the critically-aclaimed video game, "Portal 2." As such, fans and avid gamers alike have been waiting for any announcement or confirmation for the release date of "Portal 3," and any news of it being made in VR (virtual reality). As the rumor mill churns out more and more speculations about the game, Valve explains its development plans and the would-be future of some of its iconic titles.

A lot of the rumors about an upcoming release date for a "Portal 3" have dated back years ago after the success of its supposed predecessor, "Portal 2." Since then, fans have been scouring all over for any news regarding the possibility of a third installment. The most recent rumor about a possible "Portal 3" would be that of the game being released in VR.

Earlier this year, it has been speculated that Valve will finally be releasing a "Portal 3" game along with unveiling of the HTC Vive VR trailer, VrFocus reported. The source suggested that the trailer shown by HTC for its second-generation VR developer kit hinted towards a possible "Portal 3." It was further stated by the same publication that whether the rumor is true, fans would find out if it is during the CES 2016 back in January.

However, it was never confirmed during the CES 2016. On top of that, more news of the game being launched in VR has sparked yet again during the March Game Developers Conference 2016. It was speculated that a VR demo was showcasing a supposed "Portal 3" game, PC Gamer reported.

But just like the previous speculation, the same was debunked when PC Gamer asked for further clarifications from Valve's director of marketing Doug Lombardi. He expressly said that the demo being shown is not an indication for a possible release date of a "Portal 3" game.

As such, fans clinging on to rumors of a "Portal 3" game could look for further answers as well with how Valve co-founder Gabe Newell and business development lead Erik Johnson went on to discuss their development plans for their games, Polygon reported.

In an interview with the same publication, Newell stated that they wanted to be strategic on how the company develops technologies alongside its game proprietaries, despite the fact that as to how much people love their iconic titles.

Hence, Newell explained further that the only reason they'd return to their older titles is if a lot of people at Valve would actually want to do it and were able to justify such a decision, Polygon learned.

As the year closes down, the only thing fans can do for now is to wait for more news about a "Portal 3" in the following years.

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