Updates For ‘Halo 5’ Like Server Improvements, New Maps Coming Soon; Legendary Crate Available [VIDEO]


More than a year old "Halo 5" will get more updates in the future like server improvements, new maps, and more. The "Halo" Legendary Crate is also available for purchase.

"Halo 5" server improvements, new maps

According to the official blog of "Halo," 343 game studios has revealed that there will be new additional maps in the future with tweaks and additions to it. They will start by making more improvements for "Halo 5's" current servers. The developer said that while the overall online experience is great, they are also aware that there few specific issues that seemed to increase after a while.

"Halo 5" small server update

343 revealed that their team is currently investigating the complaints and reports from "Halo 5" players, since they are committed to maintain the great quality of their servers. They will be implementing a small server update, which might be launched as early as next week, the game developer said. They want to find the root causes of the reported instances of the sudden rise of latency, disconnections, and other issues so that they can create a fix right away.

"Halo 5" classic playlist confirmed

The developer teased that the Classic playlist is coming to "Halo 5" sometime in the future. They expect that the players will be complaining about the other contents not being included in it, and when it will be updated.

"Halo: The Master Chief Collection" improvements

343 is proud to announce that "Halo: The Master Chief Collection" has gotten a lot of improvements in the past few years after its launch. It is being played by a lot of players, but they admit that it is still not perfect. It still has a few issues and inconsistent behaviors, they said.

"Halo" Legendary Crate reveal

In other "Halo" franchise related news, 343 has revealed the next installment of the "Halo" Legendary Crate. According to the official website of Loot Crate, it will contain five to seven exclusive collectibles from the biggest moments in the "Halo" universe. This crate will include an exclusive figure line, some apparel, content for the video game, and other items approved by the UNSC, and it will cost $34.99. 

Check out the "Halo 5" Opening Cinematic video below:

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