Humble Blockjam Bundle Proceeds Go To Charity Block By Block [VIDEO]


Mojang has announced that the Humble Blockjam Bundle proceeds will be going to the charity Block by Block. The games will be DRM-free and users are free to pay what they want.

Humble Blockjam Bundle short rundown

Director of creative communications Owen Hill wrote on the official website of Mojang that they have currently teamed up with some fellow developers to create new games and raise money for charity. Interested donators will be able to donate any amount of money of their choosing and get the video games once they are completed. It will start on Nov. 8 and ends on Nov. 10.

Humble Blockjam Bundle developers involvement and livestream

Hill said that the Blockjam will include a few groups of developers from their company, a developer from Microsoft based in Seattle, Grapefrukt, Ludosity, and Oxeye Game Studio.

The company is putting on a Mojang livestream that will be hosted by three Minecraft YouTubers, which are Stampy, StacyPlays, and Sqaishey. Grapefrukt and Ludosity will have their own livestreams of developing their video games.

Humble Blockjam Bundle proceeds

According to the official website of Humble Bundle, all of the proceeds will go directly to Block by Block. This charity is an initiative of Mojang and United Nations that started in 2012, and it will fund public spaces in poor communities all over the world. These communities use the "Minecraft" game to help influence the final designs of their buildings.

Mojang is extremely proud that they are part of this initiative and they just want to do the right thing. Over time, they realized that buildings that are built in real life is very expensive, which is why they want donations from people all over the world.

Humble Blockjam Bundle game DRM free

With Humble Bundle, interested buyers can donate any amount they want and they can get the games, which will be DRM free. These games will not have online logins, subscriptions, or Season Passes. The system requirements and platforms for each game will be revealed at a later date.

Check out Mojang's "Minecraft" Campfire Tales Skin Pack video below:


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