‘Persona 5’ Ryuji Sakamoto Introduction Trailer Launched; Voice Actor Likes Character's Explosive Attitude [VIDEO]


The introduction trailer video for Ryuji Sakamoto of "Persona 5" was recently launched. The English voice actor of the character likes his explosive attitude in the video game.

According to the official website of game publisher Deep Silver, they have launched the latest English voice introduction trailer video, which can be viewed below, together with fellow publisher Atlus. The video focuses on one of its male protagonists, Ryuji.

Ryuji is one of the many high school delinquents of Shujin Academy, and he is known to be the notorious one among them. The publishers revealed that he was once a promising track star in the past, but he suffered an injury. This injury ended his career and it was caused by overtraining by his coach Kamoshida, who was sadistic in nature.

The male character is a victim of the first-hand evil of adults who do not care for the youth. He also felt that he has no future of the sport he loved, which led him to become a rebel. His motto is to fight against a society that he sees as totally corrupt.

Ryuji has a good side to him, even though he is known as the worst troublemaker at school. He has a kind heart and always puts the Phantom Thieves first before his own. He will be there when his friends are in trouble because he will always have their backs, and being the toughest guy in the group is an advantage.

According to the official website of Behind the Voice Actors, Ryuji will be voiced by Max Mittelman. He voiced several Japanese anime TV show characters recently like Saitama from "One Punch Man" and Ein Dalton from a recent "Gundam" title. He also voiced several video game characters like Hallelujah from "Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse."

Mittelman told Deep Silver in a video interview that he likes Ryuji's explosive anger because it is easy for him to do. He also said that aside from that anger, Ryuji has another side to him, which is the person that provides the comic relief in "Persona 5."

Check out the "Persona 5" Introducing Ryuji video below:

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