MacBook Pro RAM Debate: Apple’s 16GB RAM Device Is Enough Except For Google Chrome? [VIDEO]


The MacBook Pro only has 16GB of RAM which does not sit well with many users who preferred a device that has more than that. Testers, however, found out that the MacBook Pro's 16GB is adequate for most use except for certain applications.

RAM Usage of MacBook Pro Analyzed

One tester, tech researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, opened simultaneously a variety of applications in the MacBook Pro in an effort to consume its entire RAM. In the end, the MacBook almost used up the entire RAM on Google Chrome. It seems that this particular browser is a voracious RAM eater. Opening 12 Chrome tabs can used up around 5GB of RAM immediately. Interestingly other browsers, such as Firefox or Opera are not that RAM intensive. Fortunately, the MacBook Pro could still perform despite the large amount of Google Chrome tabs.

He came to the conclusion the MacBook Pro can handle normal everyday applications with just 16GB of RAM. The tech analyst did advise users to make sure that their MacBook Pro is free of bloatware, malware, virus, adware, or any applications that unnecessarily used up the system's RAM.

MacBook Pro May Need 32GB of RAM

Zdziarski concluded that there are certain applications that the MacBook Pro will need at least 32GB of RAM. He also reminded users that the MacBook is a laptop and a desktop. In any case, he is also of the opinion that Apple should consider adding a 32GB RAM MacBook Pro model. It might be more expensive but a lot of people will certainly consider buying it if it's available.

 What About Memory Intensive Games?

Games that require massive amount of RAM can only be played on the Windows PC. The MacBook can also be good platform to play such games as long it has more than 16GB of RAM and provisions for adding a more powerful GPU than the standard one it already has.

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