Arkane Studios Showcases 'Dishonored 2' At BAFTA; Denuvo DRM Protection! [VIDEO]


As the release of "Dishonored 2" comes closer and closer, fans are getting to see more details revolving around the highly-anticipated sequel. In recent news, Arkane Studios has given the panel at BAFTA a first look at the sequel. Fans are also squabbling as to why Denuvo in "Dishonored 2" would is a bad idea. Moreover, fans get to take a look at how the game's designers took into consideration the fashion within the game's theme, according to sources.

It was recently reported that the creative team behind "Dishonored 2" gave the panel at BAFTA a first look at the sequel, along with some detailed explanation of the inspiration behind the game. In the official website of The British Academy of Film and Television Arts, it was stated therein that Art director Sebastien Mitton and level design director Christophe Carrier of Arkane Studios will be discusssing the creation of "Dishonored 2."

Bethesda Softworks, the game's publisher, has recently released a three-part video featuring Mitton and Carrier of Arkane Studios discussing the behind-the-scenes process regarding the development of the highly-anticipated "Dishonored 2," Kotaku has learned.

It went on to describe that each of the videos recounts as to how both the designer and developers of the game explained the creative process behind "Dishonored 2," Kotaku noted. It mentioned how Arkane Studios went to great lengths to assemble a team comprised of dedicated members to work on the sequel, the initial inspiration behind the game, its thematic design, and more.

In other news, it was reported that "Dishonored 2" will be using the highly-controversial Denuvo DRM on PC, The Gamers Drop reported. As such, the source went on to comment that this might be something the fans would frown upon.

It was mentioned by The Gamers Drop that news of this surfaced when the Steam page of "Dishonored 2" suddenly changed to feature the notice of the game using the Denuvo DRM. It went on to discuss that Denuvo is one of the most popular and effective anti-piracy software out there. However, the same software has received a lot of criticism from fans since it mainly requires an internet connection in order for them to play their games.

Despite news of this, there still seems to be high praises given towards the upcoming sequel, "Dishonored 2" as it arrives in the market this November.

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