LeBron James Supports Hillary Clinton In University of Akron Rally


LeBron James, who leads the LeBron James Family Foundations called Wheels for Education, and Akron's I PROMISE Network, has a message for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supporters.

He stood in front of a crowd in Cleveland on Sunday to encourage African-Americans to vote. He explains that black people do not vote during the elections because these people feel that their votes do not matter.

This coincides with Clinton's concern about the minimal African-American votes in the elections back during President Barack Obama's campaign. She wants to make a difference this time around.

Fortunately, LeBron is with "her." He has written an endorsement to Clinton back in October. He explains that he is supporting the presidential nominee because he knows she can help and do more when it comes to the African-American community. Plus, he also knows that she will continue Obama's legacy.

LeBron James' message to every black person out there emphasizes that their votes do matter, he said during an interview with Cleveland. LeBron James is supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and he is campaigning for her until all the votes are in. Recently, he lead a campaign with Hillary Clinton at the Public Auditorium in Akron.

The basketball celebrity feels strongly about the importance of this election. And he explains why he is with her. James says that they need a president who understands the (black) community. In his exclusive with Business Insider, he details his current missions in life. Aside from bringing in a trophy from the NBA Finals, he hopes to help lift everyone from rough times. He is no stranger to poverty himself. But he was lucky that basketball provided him a family, education and a community.

Which is why he is set on lifting the kids of Cleveland from poverty. His Lebron James Family Foundation is one of the ways that can make it possible. The foundation gives the kids in Akron the opportunities and resources they require to pursue an education and their dreams. And he believes Hillary Clinton is on the same path.

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