Procrastinating? Delaying College, University And Campus Visits Is A Big Mistake


When looking for a college or university to apply for, sometimes high school students neglect the most essential preparations.

One such preparation is delaying campus visits. College admission can be a daunting task for junior and senior high school students. But according to a book titled "There Is Life After College," high school students and their families should take the necessary steps when it comes to searching for colleges.

One of the biggest mistakes students and parents make is to delay campus visits, cites the Washington Post. According to a study by Visit Days, 25% of campus visits usually happen in the month of April. And most of these students are stepping foot on the college or university campus for the first time. And this happens after submitting their application.

The reason why some prospective students fail to visit their selected colleges, is because it is financially straining. If a student is applying to a lot of schools in different parts of the country, it can be burdensome when it comes to time and resources. But making an attempt to see as many campuses during the fall or winter is important.

What students and parents see online may not be the same as personally seeing them as a physical campus. College tours often like to show the good side of their campus, which is important for business. But experts' advice is not to rely on the tours alone. Be sure to check out some classes like the course you are considering to take. You can also talk to some professors during office hours to ask questions.

More importantly, the experts suggest that you need to ask questions. Students can ask about academically related questions such as researches with faculty members, or how undergraduates can get feedback on their academic performance.

Have you recently visited a campus this fall or winter? What did you learn about your prospective college?

Check out this video below for more tips:

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