Country Singer Reba McEntire’s Masterclass Gets You Ready For The Music Industry


There are different types of music in the music industry. And in each genre, can have its own challenges and opportunities. Which is why a country singer like Reba McEntire decided to offer tips and advice from her experiences in the country music industry.

Through a video MasterClass, country star Reba McEntire shares performance advice and industry tips. The video masterclass is part of a new online course that is offered to students who are interested in a career in country music.

In the promo trailer, McEntire tells viewers everything she knows right now. And she wishes she knew these things back in 1976, when she started in the music business.

She offers her own education to fans for a chance to learn about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the music industry, cites Belfast Telegraph. According to McEntire, there are pitfalls in the music industry.

But the online video is not free. It is, however, available in an education platform called MasterClass. For around $90.00, anyone who is interested in a country music career as an artist can purchase a video set of tutorials from the famous country singer. Reba holds the tutorials herself. She holds 20 sessions and 16 of those sessions will begin later in the year (2016).

According to Belfast, those who are keen in making great country music and are interested in navigating the (music or entertainment) business can befefit from Reba's tutorials. It includes tips on performances such as tips on vocal exercises and techniques that work well in performances. She also adds in some career plans and studio advice.

To promote her MasterClass videos, she explains that country music is about the daily lives of people. The country music written in a song are about their life stories, she adds. But she is not the first artist to offer a MasterClass video course. Musicians such as Christina Aguilera, and actors Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman and more have shared their secrets from their own professions.

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