‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Release Date Rumor: GTA Online Massive Success, High Development Cost Pushes GTA VI Release To 2020?


"Grand Theft Auto VI" is the most anticipated sequel in the "GTA" franchise. However, the continuing success of "GTA V Online" and its reportedly high development costs may push the "GTA VI" release to 2020 or possibly beyond that.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Grand Theft Auto VI?

"GTA 6" will reportedly cost around half a billion dollars to develop. That's a lot of money to develop a single game since "GTA V" cost only half of that. "GTA Online" on the other hand is expected to cost quite a bundle since more features are being added to it. There are reports that "GTA VI" will also include VR support which is the reason why it will cost as much according to fraghero.

"GTA Online" Needs More Time

"GTA V Online" has been an unprecedented success for Rockstar Games and continues to do so. The developer has recently added the Bikers clubs and numerous features such as new game modes, vehicles, weapons as well as other items are expected to be added every now and then. Currently, "GTA Online" is hosting a "City Air" Premium Race, according to the official Rockstar Games site.

This indicates that the developer is continuing to invest a lot of time and money with "GTA Online". It's a wise investment since the online game is currently its biggest money maker. This is probably the reason why Rockstar is not in a hurry to create a replacement for the current "GTA" installment. Interestingly, the developer no longer issues an update to the single player modes.

When Can Rockstar Release a "Grand Theft Auto VI" game?

Industry observers estimate that Rockstar may possibly release a "GTA 6" on 2020 but this is simply a guess and it's possible that the actual release date might even be further than that. The fate of "GTA 6" will depend on the staying power of "GTA V Online".

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