'Titanfall 2' Looking Good On PS4 Pro; Was EA's Decision To Release It Alongside 'Battlefield 1' A Mistake? [VIDEO]


One of the staple genres in the gaming industry as of date are first-person shooter (FPS) games. As such, fans are getting the best of it all as the year rounds up and more triple-A first-person shooter games are hitting the market. "Titanfall 2" also makes its debut and is looking far better in its PS4 Pro iteration. However, there are talks that Electronic Arts (EA) might have made a mistake releasing the game alongside its other first-person shooter game, according to sources.

"Titanfall 2" was launched recently on Oct. 28, which was around the same time as other triple-A first-person shooter games were launched. But this isn't where the buck stops for Respawn, the developer behind the game "Titanfall 2," as a new trailer was unveiled giving fans a glimpse of the sequel played on the PS4 Pro.

It was reported that the PS4 Pro iteration of "Titanfall 2" will be released this Nov. 10, DualShockers has learned. It was mentioned further that the released screenshot was in lossless PNG at 4K resolution that showcased the game's graphical prowess. DualShockers commented that despite the Youtube video not being able to show the full potential of the game (due to its being in 1080p and Youtube's own compression), fans can definitely expect "Titanfall 2" on the PS4 Pro to look amazing.

However, Respawn's "Titanfall 2" hasn't been racking in the sales that should go hand-in-hand with the positive reviews it has gotten, since its October release, University Herald reported. As such, there have been some scuffling around by critics as to whether or not Electronic Arts (EA) made a mistake by releasing the sequel alongside with its other hit franchise, "Battlefield 1."

It was opined that EA made a mistake when it released two big titles of the same genre at the same time, Forbes reported. It was stated by Forbes that during an earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson told analysts that they intended to release both titles as a means to cater to different types of players-- those who love big strategic gameplays, those who are more into the fast-paced gameplays, and those who want to experience the best of both worlds.

As such, Forbes concluded that the only reason for them releasing both titles was to double-team Activision's recently-released first-person shooter, "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare."

Whatever the sales figures are, fans are definitely trenched in a battle zone between these fantastic triple-A shooters.

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