'Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare' News & Update: Fans Complain About Supply Loots; Zombies In Spaceland Easter Egg Guide Updated! [VIDEO]


Fans and gamers alike would agree that it is a rare sight to see a game's initial launch without getting any heat or controversy surrounding it, more so for a triple-A game. As the highly-anticipated first-person shooter "Call of Duty: Infninite Warfare" was recently released, fans are already complaining about the game's Supply Loot. Despite this, however, fans are still enamored by the game as the playerbase contributes in updatinf the Easter Eggs found in the Zombies in Spaceland map, according to sources.

"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" started its development back in 2014 and has now been released to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Despite all the hype looming around the game's release, fans have already been nitpicking over one of the game's feature, the Supply Loots, Forbes learned.

It was stated that there seems to be some qualms regarding the microtransactions of the game, as the Supply Loots allow purchasing players to have an advantage over the others with exlusively-purchased special tier weapons, Forbes reported. It was mentioned that the fans perceive this as a "pay-to-win" scenario because of the apparent advantage in stats these weapons give to those purchasing players.

As such, Forbes went on to discuss that although there is an element of "pay-to-win" when it comes to the microtransactions of "Call of Duty: Infinie Warfare," the game ultimately is still based on the skills of its players.

Moreover, it went further to explain that the fans may be the reason as to why these microtransactions exist because, despite the complains surrounding the Supply Loots, there is still a strong and viable market to these transactions, Forbes noted. The market for "pay-to-win" and downloadable content (DLC) exists because fans still buy them no matter how much they complain about it.

On the brighter side of things, fans of the game have constantly been contributing to updating the guides regarding the Easter Eggs found in the Zombies in Spaceland map for the game's Zombie mode.

Some of the more recent updates to guide explains in detail on how to figure out the "Pack a Punch," where players basically power up the whole park and pass through all the portals and back to the main one, Attack of the Fanboy noted.

It also mentioned in its guide that the "Elemental Upgrades" is connected to the above-mentioned Easter Egg, Attack of the Fanboy leanred. As the players unlock the area, they need to look for an urn at the left of the "Pack a Punch" and hold Square or X as they approach it, which will allow small UFOs to fly out and collect the souls of the zombies killed.

Regardless of the complains about the game's microtransactions, it is clear from the contributions done for the Easter Egg guides that fans are enjoying the release of "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare."

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