'Battlefield 1' Versus 'Titanfall 2': Which is Better? Reviews & Other Highlights On The Latest FPS Games [VIDEO]


The never-ending battle of which is the best FPS (first person shooter) game has already found its newest contenders as fans debate among themselves as to whether "Battlefield 1" or "Titanfall 2," among many other FPS titles being released, will take the title. As such, numerous sources have listed their own comparative reviews to help torn gamers decide which shooter game they should pick up this coming holidays.

Fans would agree that it's a hard-pressing matter when they are placed in a situation where they could only afford to pick one from among the popular games, which are being released around the same time. The next best thing for them might be to read up on some reviews, and Game Revolution has pointed out their own comparative review between "Battlefield 1" and "Titanfall 2."

The source noted that after an extensive amount of gameplay from both games, the two titles indeed have their own unique selling points.

For "Battlefield 1," Game Revolution summarily stated that the game is visually impressive and fun to play. It further noted that one of its key gameplay-features is that it places the gamer in large scale battles extending up to 64 players. Moreover, the source noted that these large-scale battles are set during the World War 1, which was said to have been a refreshing take on veering away from the common futuristic shooter games being offered.

On the other hand, "Titanfall 2" was concluded to be a successful sequel in the franchise, Game Revolution stated. It pointed out that piloting mechs might be the reason for one to purchase the game as it provides an immense feeling of power to the player as they are immersed in explosions and action-packed moments.

Although a lot of the avid gamers perceived "Battlefield 1" as better due to its fast growth of popularity in the current market, fans should not be so quick as to write-off "Titanfall 2" as a worthy contender as it might be too early to tell whether "Titanfall 2" will be successful or not, Forbes reported.

In any case, fans would agree that first-person shooter games are at a good place right now with "Battlefield 1" and "Titanfall 2" being released.

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