Netflix and Comcast Works Together To Hold Subscribers


There is good news for those who are subscribers of X1 platform users of Comcast, because Netflix has already been made available for them. During the early part of summer, this partnership was announced and it seemed to be progressing from then on. Subscribers can now watch shows directly from their Comcast devices, thus affecting around half of Comcast's 22.4 million TV subscribers who are already or will be having the X1 platform.

It can be noted before that these companies are fondly competing with each other, thus this is an unexpected deal that pushed the companies to work hand-in-hand. It was challenging for Netflix to attract particular investors and to make them believe in its capacity to maintain its number of subcribers, despite the higher costs that they are charging to its customers. Even if Netflix had already launched overseas, it was still having a hard time reaching its 30 percent subscriber target.

Netflix has even having difficulties going into China's market. Netflix is left with the option of partnering with Comcast, so that it can recover from their losing trend. John Blackledge, Cowen and Company industry analyst said that this partnership can generate a gain of 5 million subscribers in the U.S., according to The Washington Post.

Netflix will benefit in this partnership in such a way that it will be able to retain its current service subscribers, which is through the improvement of methods in which users can take a hold of the content that they want. Users were starting to unsubscribe from Netflix when the streaming service raised their prices, according to USA Today.

Through this partnership between Netflix and Comcast, both companies will be able to keep their consumers within the bounds of cable content and Netflix content. Both companies will make use of a voice-activated remote which can allow the user to switch Netflix on through the remote that will be provided by Comcast.


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