'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Spoilers: Mystery Surrounds Stiles Stilinski, New Teacher Joins The Gang [VIDEO]


In the upcoming "Teen Wolf" Season 6 episode, there will be a new teacher who will go along with the group. Jeff Davis said that Dylan O'Brien will have a more remarkable role in the next season.

It was already revealed that Sibo Mlambo plays the role of a new guidance counselor and at the same time humanities teacher. Tamora Monroe, who Mlambo's new character, is an intelligent and adorable mentor and is an inspiration to her students. However, her passionate character may be a source of conflict for the rest of the season, as reported by Australia News Network.

Episode 13 will be directed by one of the cast members of "Teen Wolf". Actor Tyler Posey will be directing this episode, thus his love for acting combined with his interest in directing will be manifested in this new episode. It is just sad to note that he had just made his exit from the show, which he already considers his second home, according to Hoff Mag.

Dylan O'Brien will be coming back for "Teen Wolf" Season 6, even despite the unfortunate circumstance that he had on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Entertainment Weekly said that a major role will be up for Dylan O'Brien, as the unfolding of events will rely on O'Brien's character. The meaning behind the friendship among Stiles, Lydia, Scott, and Malia will also be explored this season.

There is going to be a big revelation about the reason why Stiles is Scott's best friend, why Stiles is Malia's human anchor, and his involvement with Lydia. A photo was also release to serve as a teaser for the upcoming season of the TV show.

There was a photo of O'Brien which showed his brace-wrapped right arm. Davis said that the photo was taken when they were filming a scene, just before O'Brien went to shoot the Maze Runner.


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