Technology In Classrooms - A Teacher’s Discretion?


Many schools, colleges and universities everywhere have students who bring in gadgets, electronic devices, laptops and tablets to aid them in their studies. It is not a strange thing to see classes with students taking notes on their laptops and even phones.

In college campuses, students can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other note taking programs. Although there are still though who prefer to write via hand written notes.

It is considerably an increasing trend to use technology in the classroom, cites The Loquitur. Apparently, there are certain classes that only a select few of professors will allow the use of gadgets during class discussions. Teachers and professors that allow students to use gadgets can help students excel in their classes.

For example, teachers can use a smart board to connect their laptops with. They can teach through Microsoft Power Point and even place their laptop on monitor display to surf the web. This enables them to show the class multi-media materials such as articles, audio and video aids that are related to the lessons.

Technology helps teachers and students engage in class. In today's generation, the learning style is considerably different from before. Which is why both students and teachers can benefit from having gadgets, technology and visual components to the lessons.

For example, Abel Rodriguez uses smart boards when teaching his Immigration, Law and Social Justice class. He shows videos of interviews and documentaries to students. He also uses Microsoft Powerpoint as a visual aid, aside from videos.

Rodriguez encourages the use of technology in his class. But for him, using technology such as phones and laptops are a different story. He will only require students to pull out these devices if there is an activity that requires it. It is up to his discretion regarding the type of technology being used.

Until now, there are some teachers who do not allow any type of technology in the classroom. For Dr. Leonard Norman Primiano, he says mobile phones disrupt students from learning. He follows the traditional style of teaching and studying.

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