Apple Will Release a Foldable iPhone 8 in 2017 Ahead of LG and Samsung? [RUMORS]


Apple has reportedly received a patent for foldable smartphones. This led to the conclusion that the tech giant plans to release a foldable iPhone 8 in 2017 for the 10th anniversary celebration of iPhone; this could mean getting ahead of LG and Samsung.

iPhone 8 Possible Features

It is perceived that Apple is shaping-up the new smartphone for their 10th anniversary celebration of iPhone in 2017. The presumed iPhone 8 is believed to include never-before features and quality specs that will make it stand out from the rest.

Among the rumored features of iPhone 8 is the OLED display that is said to contribute to the phone's longer battery life, fingerprint sensor and a bezel-less physical design with curved edge. In addition to that, iPhone 8 is also rumored to come out as foldable smartphone similar to the iconic Motorola Razr from the mid-nineties according to Mirror.  

A leaked drawing from Apple patent #9,485,862 showed a smartphone that is foldable with a flexible hinge and seam. This patent was filed by Apple back in 2014 after LG and Samsung planned to release a foldable phone; however, it seems like Apple is getting ahead from the tech giant rivals according to Forbes.

No Foldable iPhone in 2017

Despite the rumors about the foldable iPhone 8, a recent report from Nikkei said that Apple is set to release curved OLED iPhone in 2017 and 2018 and two foldable iPhones in 2019. For this matter, Apple is believed is to release two size variants: 4.7-inch foldable iPhone that becomes iPad Mini when opened and 5.5-inch foldable iPhone that can turn into iPad in full-sized when unfolded.

iPhone 8 Release Date

2017 is a busy year for Apple as the tech giant will celebrate its 10th iPhone anniversary in an unknown month. For this reason, Apple is believed to launch the most-talked about 2017 flagship smartphone, the presumed iPhone 8 which gets everyone excited because of the new set of features the phone could have.

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