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Huawei Exec Declared: Huawei is Set to Get Past Apple In 2 Years and be Number 1 in 5


Huawei, now the world's third-largest smartphone maker, aims to beat Apple Inc. in its own game and plans to do it soon.

Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei's consumer business group, told Reuters that China's Huawei Technologies is aims to nab the second spot from Apple in a matter of two years. In addition to his expectations of improving Huawei's current position in the technology world, Yu said they are going to take Apple step-by-step, innovation-by-innovation to reach the goal.

Yu claimed that it can be done by winning the trust and loyalty of the consumers. He said that the business is all about trust and loyalty.

Where did Huawei get such assertiveness? Huawei's records in the industry over the past few years will lead us to that much coveted answer.

Huawei became known as a builder of telecommunications networks, but in just a few years after deciding they wanted to sell phones, the company reached the third spot in the smartphone making industry. By 2015, it has beaten Xiaomi and has become China's fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer.

It has successfully shipped more than 33.6 million devices with 9 percent of market share. Since then, Huawei bagged the status of third-biggest maker of a smartphone in the third quarter of this year, according to Strategy Analytics research firm.

Meanwhile, Apple has shipped 45.5 million devices and covered 12 percent share of the smartphone market. 

With their outstanding record, referring to Huawei as confident is an understatement. Huawei's chief executive thinks that they can be number one in five years.

According to Chron, China can get past Apple by setting its sight on the current number one. Samsung had a separate line of smartphone products.

Now on the lead, Samsung boasts a galaxy phone line that they offer in developed markets and a low/mid-range offered in a developing market. This strategy helped Samsung get to the top.

Huawei has began its its efforts to beat Apple. They have been reaching out to price-sensitive markets like India and China. With their affordable handsets in these markets, they had already increased their market share.

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