Apple Leads Tablet Sales Despite Sales Decline; iPad Pro Not A Best Seller? [VIDEO]


There is a significant decline in terms of the tablet sales with the past few months of the year, and even Apple's iPad Pro was not able to bring the figures up on a higher scale.

When sales of Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and other tablet sellers were combined, it only resulted to a total of 43 million units sold within the third quarter of the year. This data shows that there is a yearly decline of around 14.7 percent in terms of worldwide tablet sales.

The analyst from IDC cited the low-cost two-in-one laptops as one of the causes of this noted decline. IDC senior research analyst, Jitesh Ubrani, said that what they intend for tablets is for it to become potential PC replacements instead of just being disposable detachables. He also mentioned that they have also already experienced this kind of situation with slates.

However, despite of this decline, Apple is still leading the tablet sales for its latest iPad Pro models, while their older iPad Air and iPad Mini models were considered as Cupertno's best-selling tablet. Apple, therefore, has only 6.2 percent of sales decline every year, according to CIO.

Aside from Apple, brands like Samsung, Lenovo and Huawei were also making some good sales in terms of their tablet units within the current time of the year; however, they are still affected by the sales decline. One good example is Samsung's TabPro S. Despite the good reviews that the TabPro S has, its sales have remained flat, according to Mac World.

On the other hand, Lenovo's Yoga Book sales is not considered as a sold tablet since it seems to have the feature of a traditional PC rather than a tablet. Amazon has, however, managed to uplift their tablet sales because of their Prime Day sale way back in July. IDC, however, emphasizes that prices for tablets will still remain as it is amidst the decline in sales.


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