Huawei Mate 9 Has The Ability To Learn User’s Habits


Huawei Technologies added a new artificial intelligence feature for its new premium phone last Thursday. This is for the purpose of bridging its gap with Apple and the tech giant, Samsung. Huawei's Mate 9 is expected to climb up the top spot within its $400 billion goal for its worldwide smartphone market, which is composed of professionals who want phones with higher battery capacity and fast performance.

The Mate 9 was launched in Munich, and has a large 5.9-inch screen equipped with autofocus-integrated cameras, noise cancellation directional microphones, and a well-developed user interface, according to Gadgets.

Huawei integrated the ability of the device to study about the routine activity of the user and it will automatically set-up the user's most frequently used apps in the most accessible way possible. Arne Herkelmann, European head of handset portfolio and planning, said that this device learns how the user is using the phone. It was launched three weeks after the discontinuation of Samsung for its Galaxy Note 7 flagship phone due to battery-related issues.

There is a budding expectation about the decline of smartphone sales in the future, thus tech companies are trying to innovate and make their devices sell out for their target market. A research analyst from Gartner, Roberta Cozza said that the device alone does not satisfy the demand of the population. She added that AI and voice control are key factors that smartphones should develop for the years to come, according to Technology India.

Similarly, Google launched the Pixel phone that is equipped with Google Assistant. This is Google's version of a voice-activated artificial intelligence system, as well as a counterpart to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. Samsung also pushed for their artificial intelligence named Viv, which is developed by the co-creator of Siri. Viv is programmed to integrate the Galaxy smartphone platforms, and expand its voice-assistant capacity to home appliances and Samsung technology wearables.


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