College Adviser Shares Tips On How To Make Your Admissions Essay Stand Out


High school students need to plan as early as they can for their college application. One of the key documents that they ought to prepare for is the admissions essay.

It was previously reported that college applicants should skip the long essay prompts, which may restrict you from writing your story. Applicants should not write about over-used college application essay topics such as: writing about someone else, your mission trip, how you were able to make a comeback from a sport injury and your time at camp.

It was also noted that word count and trimming would come at a later part of the process. Applicants should allow themselves at least two drafts before completing the full story.

Stacey Brook, founder and CEO of College Essay Advisors, also shared tips on Reddit, via Business Insider, on how students can nail their admissions essay. She has had 10 years of experience in advising students on college admission essays.

Brook shared advice on how students should answer the "Why Essay." This type of essay asks students why they chose that particular college to apply for. It is one of the most common supplemental essay questions.

"An effective answer to this question addresses two main areas: pointed interest and good fit," she wrote. "And it all begins with research!"

"In order to effectively answer the 'Why?' you have to have a genuine 'Because.' So to start off, spend some time really digging through the school website (or visiting campus, if you can)."

She advised students to really dig deeper in their research on the school. They should ask themselves what classes they are interested in taking as well as which research by professors excites them, among others.

"Even if the school whose prompt you're responding to isn't your absolute first choice, find your real reason for applying," she added. "What does that school offer that would satisfy you intellectually? Socially? Environmentally?"

Once applicants have the details, they can then add their personal experiences. Brook noted that building a bridge from where students are now to where they will be next year can help make their genuine interest shine through.

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