Top 10 Colleges With Flexible Test Policies


College applications, especially with the entrance exams, can be daunting. There are a lot of documents that you need to fill up and submit as well as essays to write.

It was previously reported that students should skip the long essay prompts and keep their essays short and sweet. Also, college applicants should try to steer clear of writing about someone else, their mission trip, how they were able to make a comeback from a sport injury and their time at camp.

Nonetheless, U.S. News has collated a list of the top 10 colleges that have flexible test admissions policies. This should be good news for the class of 2016.

Bryn Mawr College, which nabbed the 31st place on the National Liberal Arts Colleges list, ranked 10th on the list of colleges that have flexible test policies. The school does not have any standardized tests as requirement.

In ninth place is Bates College, which also does not require standardized tests. Wake Forest University follows it in eighth place. It is ranked as the 27th top National University.

Colorado College, which is in seventh place, requires students to submit one of several standardized tests. Wesleyan University in sixth place also does not require an entrance exam.

Colby College is in fifth place and, similar to Colorado College, requires students to submit one of several standardized tests as well as Hamilton College in fourth place. The top third college that does not require students to take a standardized test is Smith College. In first place, Middlebury College needs students to submit one of several standardized tests while applicants for Bowdoin College, which is in second place, does not require any standardized test.

Meanwhile, these are the colleges and universities that received the most applications. It was found that, for the third consecutive year, the University of California - Los Angeles had the most applicants with 92,728.

In second place is the University of California - Berkeley. However, it has a difference of about 20,000 from UCLA with 78,924 applications. University of California - San Diego came in third place with 78,056.

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