New ‘Robinson: The Journey’ Video Launched; Development, Concept Of Game Discussed [VIDEO]


Crytek has launched a new "Robinson: The Journey" video recently ahead of its launch day. The art director of the upcoming virtual reality video game discussed the details on the development and the concept of the game's universe and ship.

According to the official website of PlayStation, the game developers have revealed the Welcome to the Journey video, which can be viewed below, for the game. It teases the players about what they would expect when they immerse in the virtual reality world of the video game.  The developers want them to experience a living, breathing world with their own eyes using the PlayStation VR headset.

A spaceship crash-lands on a mysterious planet and in it is the young boy named Robin, which is the character the players will control in the game. This planet is full of greenery and unknown plants, but it is also filled with real dinosaurs. Players will have to take control and explore the unknown areas of the planet with their AI companion that goes with them at every step they take.

Crytek art director Pascal Eggert wrote on the official blog of "Robinson: The Journey" that the team got the opportunity to create a completely new fictional universe from scratch. He said that they did not have to work with someone's work or concept, which took a load off from them. This also meant that they could enjoy creating unique concepts without getting worried.

Eggert revealed that their basic outline was from the Robinsade, which was a genre of stories inspired by the adventures of Robinson Crusoe. They also added dinosaurs and a train to spice it up. Since there are no dinosaurs on Earth, they agreed that the game will be set in space and the creatures will be on a faraway planet.

The art director discussed the creation of the ship that carried the protagonist. It was inspired by several science fiction movies that focused on space travel like "Interstellar." He also discussed about how they created the debris from the Esmeralda's crash and how they were obsessed with creating the design.

Check out the "Robinson: The Journey" Welcome to the Journey video below:

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