‘Routine’ Gets New Trailer Revealing Release Date; Developers Currently Working On More Content [VIDEO]


Survival horror video game "Routine" gets a new trailer video that reveals its release date. The developers are currently working on more content for it.

According to the official website of Lunar Software, the game studio has released the latest release date trailer video, which can be viewed below. It revealed that they will release the survival horror video game title in March 2017. It will be launched on Mac and Windows PC through the Steam platform

The game developers realize that their last update was way back in December, and they could only apologize for the long wait. They revealed that they are currently in deep development of the video game for more content. They wanted to be sure that with their next update, they will be able to give the fans more content to see, which resulted in the release date trailer.

The team said that they have been giving hints to the followers that they might be releasing the game in late 2016. They revealed recently that they have been working hard and trying to hit the mark. They do not want to compromise its quality when it is fully launched next year.

Lunar Software realized that if they would launch the upcoming survival video game title "Routine" in a rush, it would not be a good idea. If it was launched in late 2016, it will coincide with Valve's annual holiday sale on Steam, which would lessen their profits.

According to the official website of "Routine," the story of the video game takes place in an abandoned base on the moon. The players will explore the facilities in it, which has a design based on the 1970s era. The setting looks like a future where everything stayed in the classic era rather than advancing its designs to the current one.

In the trailer, players will take a glimpse of the many empty hallways and rooms of the base, which they can imagine the dread the character in the game is feeling. At the end of the trailer, the character seemed to die at the hands of an unknown being.

Check out the "Routine" Release Date Trailer video below:

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