Xiaomi's Unveils Low-Cost Virtual Reality Headset With Controllers and Content [VIDEO]


Xiaomi unveiled its low-cost virtual reality headset that comes with some content and a controller you can play around with.

Chinese company Xiaomi unveiled the Mi VR. The new headset looks a bit different from its predecessor the Mi VR Play for having a flap on top. Xiaomi says the flap is there so that the headset would feel more comfortable while wearing them. What's more impressive with the Mi VR is its price tag of $29.00.

According to GSMArena, the Mi VR is Xiaomi's second attempt at making VR headset that is designed to work with select Mi devices and it also comes with a motion controller. The unit is designed to work with the newly announced Mi Note 2, the Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, and the Mi 5.

The headset comes with a remote controller and an incorporated trackpad and 9-axis motion sensor. The integrated hardware level motion sensor has a 16ms latency. Xiaomi says the low latency and combination with a high-end smartphone ensures users won't get motion sickness that users get from using VR headsets after a few minutes.

Yahoo News reported that the Xiaomi Mi VR's remote is similar to the one you get with Google's Daydream View VR headset. Xiaomi however, did not confirm if the unit is compatible with Daydream, Google's new VR platform. The physical look of the device is very similar to the Playstation VR.

Xiaomi also ensures there is enough content to keep users hooked to the device. The company noted that over 200 developers have signified to make apps for the new platform. They also unveiled an MIUI VR store that showcased over 500 panoramic videos and more than 30 VR apps.

Since Xiaomi has not released any phones in the US market yet, the Mi VR won't probably make it to the States but if it does, the company will have a full suite of various products to offer potential users.

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