Pokemon Company Shows Interest In Making 'Pokemon Game' Remakes [VIDEO]


Remakes of older "Pokemon" games could be already on its way, since the Pokemon Company is open to having them reproduced, according to producer Junichi Masuda.

Masuda says that remakes like the "Pokemon FireRed" and "LeafGreen" is something that the company is interested in. He went on to further say that there were no other methods developed yet just to bring this original games to the recent generation.

Matsuda emphasized that people were able to upload the first generation into the new game, because of "Pokemon Bank" and "Poke Transporter" which prompted the developers to release its original versions on Virtual Console.The third generation of the "Pokemon" games that the Pokemon Company started remaking includes the "Pokemon FireRed" and "LeafGreen", and it is released for Game Boy Advance in 2004, according to the Pokemon Blog.

These "Pokemon" remakes prominently showed how capable is Nintendo's updated handhelds in accommodating enhanced graphics, as well as its capacity to include more added features that were not seen in the original games. It was during the early part of this year that the Pokemon Company launched its Virtual Console versions for the original "Pokemon" games on the Nintendo 3DS shop, along with its updated battle and trading features.

The Virtual Console versions of the original "Pokemon" games are still the same original games, however it has notably improved features. It has eventually become the best-selling retro games for the Nintendo 3DS on its digital storefront. Masuda was asked if they would continue on to developing remakes of "Pokemon Gold" and "Silver'' on the eShop, since the previous digital Pokemon releases were a success, according to IGN.

Masuda however negatively confirmed the re-distribution on Virtual Console of the "Pokemon Gold" and "Silver". He went on further explain that the 20th anniversary will be the right time to launch them, and he also says that the company is interested in taking the games from its Game Boy version into having all of them in "Pokemon Sun" and "Moon".


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