Xbox One Expected To Offer Its Best Deals On Black Friday 2016 [VIDEO]


Black Friday gives us all the good deals there is, and of course it includes great brands such as the Xbox. Black Friday will fall on Nov. 25 and deals will begin to be offered on Nov. 24, but some stores normally post early deals. Following the Black Friday is the Cyber Monday, a time when tech deals should be taken advantage thereof.

The good news for Xbox fans are the good deals that they will be offering on Black Friday this year. Microsoft is still continuing to offer discount for this console, since it is still soaring high in its sales ranking as compared to the PS4.

According to Us Gamer, another deal is for the Xbox One S that was recently announced at E3. It is expected that sales for this will hit high during the holiday season, starting from Black Friday up to the Christmas season. Therefore, there will be good deals for the previous model or a practical Xbox One bundle deals, since retailers has to make the old version sold out, as reported by VG 247.

The Xbox Scorpio will also affect Microsoft's way of offering its customer the best deals that they could offer for its current Xbox One models. Looking back in the Microsoft Store in 2015, it was noticed that Microsoft made a perfect deal. Similarly, it is expected that Microsoft will offer the same deals for Black Friday 2016.

It can be remembered that Microsoft offered its console for only $299. Other retailers in 2015 also offered irresistible deals, such as GameStop, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Sam's Club. As a bonus, Target gave out $60 gift cards, and Walmart offered $30 gift cards for their customers. It is safe to assume that the same bonus deals will also be offered together with the Xbox One Slim in this year's Black Friday sale.


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