'Overwatch's' Sombra Hacks Bastion, Blizzard Quiet About Her Reveal [VIDEO]


Sombra remained silent even after a week since the revelation of the corruption in the "Overwatch" universe. Mayan text filled the Lumerico website through its omnics page in Tuesday night, which have evidently been modified. Mayan text related to animals popped up, and after it was decoded it translates into "EXECUTEATTACK."

Sombra's identity is expected to be revealed; however, even through weeks and weeks of waiting, fans were still not able to know what or who Sombra is. Accoridng to Polygon, in the website, fans can read a message indicating that Sombra has hacked through the only Bastion unit in "Overwatch."

According to a reddit user, Sombra says the truth about Portero, thus, he is encouraging that the rebellion will be starting along with the people of Mexico. Through Blizzard's "Overwatch" update, players were able to see that no major changes occured in the Bastion; however, there was a clue which can be obtained from the HTML of A Moment In Crime website, and that secret message says V1.

Players were not able to break into the what the version number certainly means. There were also notable changes in terms of the cosmetic items that one her can obtain in the "Overwatch" Hero Gallery, and it seems that this is a sign that Sombra will arrive anytime. Blizzard might already be working on specific details to welcome her arrival in the "Overwatch" Universe, according to iDigital Times.

"Overwatch" has recently updated the Halloween-themed victory pose for the robot in the Bastion, since the Bastion could possibly make use of a Morse code to send out information. In spite all of these, fans are still disappointed and irritated regarding the gradual unfolding of Sombra's identity.

One reddit user said that because of the long wait for Sombra to come, it has made Sombra more of a meme rather than an actual hero. Many Overwatch players also agree with this reddit user's thoughts.


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