iOS 10 Jailbreak: Pangu is Waiting for Apple TV App Released in December? Here's Why! [RUMOR]


There is no word from Pangu team on iOS 10 jailbreak, as it seems that the Chinese hackers might take time to develop the tool to break iOS 10 restrictions.

iOS 10 jailbreak: Pangu is waiting for Apple TV App?

Apple announced a new app for Apple TV, which could be a game changer in how we view and stream content. The app will have intuitive design and smartly recommend users based on their preference, Decider reported.

What does it have to do with iOS 10 jailbreak? Obviously, Apple is currently working on making iOS 10 stable enough, and with the newest patch that could be released anytime soon, it will make an iOS 10 jailbreak useless when it's out.

iOS 10 jailbreak Pangu: It takes time to develop a jailbreaking tool

Developing jailbreak software is no piece of cake as it could take months, according to Gottabemobile. It takes time to create a stable jailbreak, and since Apple could be rolling out newest firmware without notice, Pangu might have anticipated the issue by taking one step at a time before making the tool available for public download.

As for now, there is no known vulnerability in iOS 10.1 after the previous patch fixes communication issue in iPhone 7.  

iOS 10 jailbreak: This could be the right time for Pangu to release a jailbreak software

Apple's TV App still has one month to go before its release. This could mean that Apple may not be rolling out an update for iOS 10 anytime soon. Hence, jailbreaking community feels that this is the right time for Pangu to bring the tool to the table.

Many jailbreak fans have anticipated the jailbreak release from Pangu due to its legitimacy. There have been many reports of jailbreaking tools available on the web, but iPhone 7 users are not recommended to jailbreak their devices just yet. Find out why.   

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