iOS 10 Jailbreak: 'Pangu Raising White Flag' is False! Jailbreak Release Imminent as iOS 10.1 Beta 4 Rolled Out [VIDEO]


The latest iOS 10 beta rolls out to developers and that could mean one thing for Pangu jailbreak tool.

iOS 10.1 on beta 4 and iOS 10.0.3 update: What it means for Pangu jailbreaking tool?

Apple released iOS 10.0.3 for its devices but the updates are apparently minor. The intention was to fix connectivity problem in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In fact the update is exclusive for the newest iPhone devices, ArsTechnica has learned.

As for the iOS 10 beta 4, there are a lot of bug fixes in the version but it is currently available for developers. The patch should be able to make iOS 10 more stable in the future and within days, the beta 4 version will be released for public, BGR reported.

The jailbreak community may have heard words about Pangu giving up on iOS 10 jailbreak but apparently that's not all true. In fact, the team did a great job in pointing out the security vulnerability in iOS 10 a few months ago at MOSEC. With that being said, Pangu may have been working for it for months and the recent updates in Apple iOS could simply mean a step closer to Pangu iOS 10 jailbreak software.

iOS 10 jailbreak Pangu status

It has been a month since iPhone 7 was launched and Pangu has not come up with any tool to break the restriction in Apple's newest OS version. The Chinese hacking team may be waiting for Apple to release the iOS 10.1 before rolling out a jailbreak for public download.

Previously, tech blogger iCrackUriDevice said that Pangu could be waiting for the iOS 10 to get in stable mode before launching a crack. This is to prevent any wasteful jailbreak that may not be working as Apple could roll out a newer version anytime soon.

Another report argued that Pangu could have the iOS 10 jailbreak wrapped up until it is ready for release. Will we see any iOS 10 jailbreak tool in Christmas or earlier? Stay tuned for more information!

iOS 10 jailbreak Pangu discussed in the video below

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