Xiaomi Mi Mix: 3 Ways It's No Better than Google Pixel or iPhone 7; Specs, Design, Features, Price Comparisons, And More


Xiaomi just launched Mi Mix, a concept-design phone that is bezel-less, elegant and shiny. How does it compare to the other premium handsets, such as Google Pixel and iPhone 7?

Xiaomi Mi Mix vs Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: The design

Mi Mix is probably what Android geeks are dreaming of a smartphone. It is thin, elegant and feels premium. The all-screen display looks nothing like iPhone 7 or the recently launched Google Pixel.

The phone, however, is not an ergonomic handset with its huge 6.4-inch screen and beefy 209 grams of weight. It is uncertain whether it is designed with customers in mind or 'the rich collection' as an emphasis. What's crazy about Mi Mix design is the 18-carat gold circling the camera, which users will cover it with its soft leather case because of the slippery chassis.

Xiaomi Mi Mix vs Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: The performance

Many reviews have somehow agreed that Mi Mix is a Google Pixel copy. It has Snapdragon 821 on board and EIS software for steady video shots, GSM Arena reported. It is surely a fast performer but the lack of AMOLED screen may be a deal breaker. Compared to iPhone 7 sharp screen, the color reproductions seem to be less accurate. As a reminder, Xiaomi does not promote Mi Mix camera the way Apple and Google do with their premium flagships.

Xiaomi Mi Mix vs Google Pixel vs iPhone 7: The price

Mi Mix is sold at around $510 according to CNET. As of the moment, the hype of bezel-less phone can be experienced by China only. For those who want to purchase it, need to import the phone for a few more extra dollars.

iPhone 7 base model is sold at $649. Google Pixel price starts from $649. Xiaomi is well-known for a brand that sells budget-friendly smartphones and the price of Mi Mix should not have gone that far. Still looking for more reasons why Xiaomi Mi Mix isn't worth the hype? Find out here.

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