University Of Central Arkansas Receives Death Threats For Wearing Offensive Halloween Costume

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Many schools, colleges and universities this year are trying to set up guidelines and precautions for Halloween. Some schools are not allowing specific attire, paraphernalia and items that may be deemed as offensive.

While others, advice that they are only allowed on campus if they do not wear specific costumes. These schools have also set up groups that would look out for any offensive costume wearers. They would then be advised to change into something else.

However, a student from the University of Central Arkansas is getting the heat for a costume he wore, cites the Washington Post. This Caucasian college student dressed up as Bill Cosby in black face.

The student's name is Brock Denton. He dressed up as Bill Cosby, the famous television and stand up comedian that is now being investigated for various sexual assault cases involving at least 58 women. He wore his costume to a fraternity. In addition to his Bill Cosby clothes, the student also wore black paint on his face. Because of this, he received heat from social media. The hashtag #BlackFace made the night after he posted a picture of himself, enjoying the party.

In response to the outrage in social media, the University of Central Arkansas student explains that he was not familiar of the term black face until he was recently made aware. Instead of the issue dying down, it caused more outrage from social media. It appears that his ignorance of the issue is much more significant compared to his offensive act.

Denton now fears for his safety. He explains that he is receiving death threats.

Because of this issue, the Sigma Tau Gamma, where he is a fraternity member, expelled him. And even the University of Central Arkansas school president responded regarding the issue. According to Tom Courtway, the issue will be further investigated. He added that the issue will be dealt with accordingly.

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