University Of Wisconsin-Madison Issues Statement Due To Offensive Halloween Costume


While many have already started wearing costumes for the Halloween weekend, some may have taken it too far. During a Nebraska Cornhuskers versus Wisconsin Badgers game, a few Badgers fans dressed up.

On Saturday night, a Wisconsin Badgers football fan wore something that pushed the University of Wisconsin-Madison to release a statement.

The costume in question was a play on a double sided mask. On one side is Hillary Clinton and on the other side is United States President Barack Obama. It was worn by a fan dressed in black and white prison garb with a noose around his neck. At the end of the rope, Donald Trump was holding the noose. During the game, a Wisconsin Athletics representative said that the person was asked to remove some offensive items. The person agreed and he was allowed to stay during the remaining duration of the game. The representative notes the policy on wearing masks when entering the stadium.

According to the statement, the costume was tagged as repugnant, cites TMJ4. One spectator went to Twitter and wondered why this was allowed in the stadium during the game. The presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been making its rounds in the news. Both presidential candidates are also making their respective noises regarding their agendas and campaigns. But for some, it seems Halloween is the perfect reason to wear certain political statements.

The costume caused a debate online. Some deemed it threatening while other viewed it as freedom of speech. The University released a statement saying that the costume was repugnant and counters the values of the school and the athletics department. Although they respect the freedom of speech of the individual.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is only citing policies under the athletics department. However, there are other schools across the country who are taking precautions when it comes to Halloween Costumes as it may be considered offensive by other cultures, religion or gender.

In other related news, watch the video below for a look into the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

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