Career Advice After College: How To Answer Questions Why You Left Your Previous Job


It is scary to think about the questions that will be raised when you are planning to leave your old job, or have already left. Because the biggest blip on your resume is the length of time stayed.

Are you getting ready for another job interview and are you worried about what they might think of your decision to leave your current company? Or what they might say that you left your previous job?

Before an interview even happens, you need to practice your responses. Think of the questions that are most likely going to be asked when it comes to why you have left your job or jobs, cites New York Times.

You just want to be able to show you have a story, not that you're burning out, or that you're not a good fit for all these organizations

So before your interview happens, face a mirror and rehearse, or practice with friends. Focus on the answers for the following.

1. Did you find that the particular environment of your job was a poor fit? - This is essential when it comes to work environment. Questions that can revolve around this area can be part of the new job you are about to enter. Can you handle stress? Can you work well with others? Can you work overtime? Think of the kind of environment you would like in a workplace and see what works with you.

2. Did you identify values that are important to you? - Values make up the beliefs of a person. Did the job or the work environment meet those expectations? Loyalty and trust are also being considered, as well as the amount of hard work being put in.

3. Did you acquire new skills or responsibilities? - Were you stuck getting coffee and printing files? Sometimes the lack of training and responsibilities push people away from their current jobs. But prospective employers need to know if you are already equipped for a new job. So it is always best to try and learn new things even if your sole responsibility is just to pour coffee.

The people who would hire you for your next job may be a bit skeptical if you've stayed at several jobs for short periods. But if you explain your reasons carefully and thoughtfully, they can be convinced.

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