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’Unfiltered’ Founder Jake Millar Talks Business Education


Jake Millar is only 21 years old. This professional from New Zealand sits down to discuss about his current project.

Millar grew up with a family that was always into business. His dad operated a skydiving company. Earlier on, he was already exposed to business. In high school, he busied himself with opening up his first company called OOMPHER. By nineteen years old, he sold OOMPHER to the New Zealand government.

In addition to his entrepreneurial skills, he studied law, cites Forbes. But he did not stop at OOMPHER. He founded Unfiltered. Unfiltered is a company that interviews the most prominent entrepreneurial leaders in the world.

To date, he has over 200 videos and each videos talk about specific education topics. Unfiltered's subscribers can gain access to his interviews with Tesla's Ian Wright, Richard Branson and more. Now, he plans to bring Unfiltered to the United States.

Unfiltered happened when he was a contractor for his first company. He calls the experience fun. Unfiltered targets everyone who wants to learn about entrepreneurial skills and businesses. It is available for anyone who wants to subscribe to the website. He lists down companies that subscribe to the website as well like the Bank of New Zealand, PwC and more.

He calls his company a learning and development tool. He understands that when it comes to business, the speed is quite fast. And technology plays a huge part for businesses everywhere. Jake Millar uses Uber as an example. He explains that the company underwent digital disruption and PwC's employees are learning from that.

For entrepreneur Jake Millar, education is not only limited to schools but through other people's experiences.

Next year, he is launching his business in Australia in July. His plan to bring Unfiltered to the United States means he will be interviewing entrepreneurs from the U.S for the American people.

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