iOS 10 Jailbreak Updates: Pangu is Playing Waiting Game with iOS Developers?; Jailbreak Tool Released Before Christmas? [VIDEO]


It has been previously reported that Pangu team members have been successful in jailbreaking the iOS 10; however, full information about it has remained undisclosed. Could it be possible that Pangu is just playing the waiting game with iOS developers and iOS 10 jailbreak tool is heading towards December release date?

Waiting Game with iOS Developers

The release of iOS 10.1 weeks after the release of iOS 10 has been considered a peculiar move from Apple mainly because it becomes difficult for the jailbreakers to come up with another JB tool. However, Pangu is reported to have been successful in coming up with an iOS 10 jailbreak tool, according to Neurogadget.

Despite having been reported successful in their efforts to jailbreak the iOS 10, the Chinese team of developers remains silent over the recent updates. For this reason, the notable silence has made the Apple fans believed that Pangu is playing a waiting game with iOS developers.

On the other hand, Apple is rumored to release another system updates called iOS 10.1.1 to address issues of iOS 10 for the deletion of Apple Health data as well the hacking vulnerability issue on iOS 10.1. This beta is expected to arrive anytime soon thus, Apple fans concluded that iOS 10 jailbreak tool will be released before the holiday season kicks in.

What Jailbreakers Must Do While Waiting?

The first thing that a jailbreaker should do while waiting for the iOS 10 jailbreak tool is to stay put in their current iOS. According to iPhone Hacks, once the user upgrades to iOS 10, he cannot downgrade the device to previous versions if he wishes to jailbreak since Apple has stop giving SHSH blobs to the firmware.

The second thing for a jailbreaker to do is to save all the SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella tool for future downgrading. TinyUmbrella is reported to be compatible with iOS 9.3.4 or lower versions as added by iPhone Hacks.  

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