iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Alternative: TinyUmbrella Could Be the Last Hope for iPhone Jailbrakers; Pangu’s Silence Means Sooner? [VIDEO]


The silence of Pangu, TaiG and PPJailbreak over iOS 10 jailbreak tool has made the iPhone jailbreaker community speculates that the three must have given up on the security features of iOS 10. There's one hope left and that is the TinyUmbrella which is said to be the last resort in iOS 10 jailbreaking. Find out how TinyUmbrella works.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Alternative

Apple has been quick and fast in releasing system updates lately to keep the jailbreakers out of phasing. Once a user upgraded his device to the latest version of iOS, it has become impossible for them to downgrade to lower version and Apple will stop giving SHSH blobs on that firmware, thus, it's difficult for them to have their jailbreak.

Despite of Apple's security features, a jailbreak tool called TinyUmbrella is the best alternative tool for iPhone jailbreaking. According to TinyUmbrella blog, the tool enables the user to save the SHSH blobs of the previous versions of iOS for future downgrading.

Furthermore, TinyUmbrella is considered as iOS 10 jailbreak alternative tool for two reasons: first, because it enables the users to save the SHSH blobs of iOS 10 in case of future downgrading; second, because it has already updated its iOS 10 firmware utility.

Pangu iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool

A teaser video about Pangu successfully Jailbroken the iOS 10 has been posted online by Todesco. On the other hand, the team members of Pangu have reported to have been successful in jailbreak the iOS 10 when a screen-cast was shown during the Mobile Security Conference with a device running Cydia according to iPhone Hacks.

However, the information about the jailbreak remains undisclosed but based on the screen-cast shown; it is likely that a significant actions of jailbreaking have become successful to have Cydia running on the device. And until now, Pangu team members have been tight-lipped about it and have iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak tool as the last one that works.  

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