Free Application for Federal Student Aid: Here’s How to Complete Your FAFSA Form


Higher education is now within reach with FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is a government initiative to aid senior students to continue higher education and get the degree they want. This will not burden the parents from start to finish.

It is basically a student loan designed not to drown parents with debts - as tuition fees for colleges and universities are surging high. It is a study now, pay later scheme payable only when the student is already working, says WBRC.

Before going online to fill out the FAFSA form, make sure that you have taken the ACT and then proceed. You can repeat this test and aim higher to qualify for scholarships. However, with your current test result, the FAFSA requirement must already be completed to avoid enrollment delays.

Meaghan King, who has been coaching students for the FAFSA application, walk students through to let them complete their online registration without feeling intimidated by the questions asked which are very income based.

She gets her job fulfillment every time a student's face brightens up after seeing the estimate right after filling up the form. They are the ones who thought they could never go to college because the family just cannot afford it.

Take note of the elements considered in the estimate of your student loan. Expected Family Contribution or EFC, your year in school, and your enrollment status, plus the cost of attendance at the school you selected, according to the Student Aid website.

COA is the term used for the amount you need to go to school. Two-year and four-year schools will normally assist you in calculating your COA for the next school year. An 18-month certificate program should also give you an idea for your COA covering the length of study.

EFC determines the amount of the financial aid you will receive based on the information given. It is sensitive to your family's income with or without tax. Social Security dependency and assets also affect this along with the size of your family.

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