Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Official Images Prove All the Rumored Features True [VIDEO]


The existence of MacBook Pro 2016 is confirmed through the images of the new mac which Apple has accidentally leaked themselves. Credible reports said that the long standing rumors about the new mac have been proven true by the leaked images. Check it out!

MacBook Pro 2016 Confirmed Features

As October 27th is nearing, rumors about the features of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 have slowly proven to be in existence on the new mac. According to Mirror, Apple has accidentally leaked the images of the refreshed mac during the release of macOS Sierra new version.

Among the rumored features of MacBook Pro 2016 that were proven true based on the leaked images are the Apple Pay and the OLED touch bar located above the keyboard. In addition, the leaked images show a laptop with shallower keyboards that looks similar to the butterfly-mechanism of the 12-inch MacBook Pro.

Furthermore, the leaked images depict a new mechanism for the MacBook speakers. Previous speakers of mac have the ability to bounce back the sound off the screen but the current mac has ditch that functionality and sports a two speakers instead.

Other Products Likely to Be Launched

A refreshed iMac and 5K resolution monitor are expected to debut in October 27th alongside the MacBook Pro 2016. Apple has reportedly collaborated with LG to come up with the high-resolution monitor.

On the other hand, MacBook Air and iPad launching remains unclear since Apple is tight-lipped about the possible released of the two products. However, according to MacWorld, there are two possible angles to look at - launching in October 27th or March 2017 though many experts are not putting their bet on the former.

Apple October Event Live Stream

The event can be watch via live stream through Apple usual channels as well as through mainstream media broadcast. But to be able to witness Apple's keynote, one must have an iPhone, Mac or iPad for that matter. 

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