'Half Life 3' Release Date Imminent, Not Dead; Leaks Hint The Longest-Anticipated Video Game for VR on The Work?


It has been a long time since Valve released "Half Life 2" in 2004. As the 20th anniversary is approaching, clues of the next installment, "Half Life 3" have garnered huge attention.

"Half Life 3" to be released in VR mode?

Valve never mentions anything about VR-ready "Half Life" game but the previous experiments using the gameplay hints at the possibility of bringing it into VR world, Gamespresso reported.

This is not just a rumor popping up out of nowhere. Previously, Neurogadget has reported that Valve has a team of researchers dedicated to VR study. The developer may be planning on VR game with several upgrades or changes in the making.

 "Half Life 3" release date is highly-anticipated

The fans are waiting eagerly for the longest-anticipated game. Many have even joked about the launching. There has been split opinion as half of the players quickly assumed that there will not be another "Half Life" but the others are patiently hoping that Valve would make an announcement on the release.  

The previous rumors stated that there will be no "Half Life 3" as Valve is focusing on other VR games. Another speculation has even mentioned "Left 4 Dead" to be discontinued as well.

However, judging from the information that has been circulating through the web, Valve may be bringing something huge to the table with its "Half Life" installment. It is one of the most popular games and that wouldn't make sense to disappoint the faithful after all this years.

"Half Life 3" release date remains imminent?

Valve remains mum about the rumors and speculations that game experts have been making so far. Many reports suggest the release date of "Half Life 3" in 2018 - marking the developer's 20th anniversary.

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