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'Resident Evil 7' Game Release Date Delayed: Capcom Still Working on More 'Horror Elements'?


"Resident Evil 7" game release date is rumored to be next year. Many news state that Capcom, the game developer, will only launch "Resident Evil Remake 2" at E3 2016 and focus to craft the hardcore survival horror game, "Resident Evil 7" for next year's release.

The words came from a reliable informant, Dr. Serkan Toto, who took Twitter to spread the cues on the game franchise. He revealed that Resident Evil 7 is in development stage and it will have a 'clean slate' going back to its horror roots. Furthermore, Toto mentioned Jordan Amaro as the designer behind RE7. He also declared that Amaro worked for Kojima Productions before, DayHerald reported.

Why "Resident Evil 7" game is delayed?

The rumors on release date with possible delayed on schedule is likely due to the graphic updates with more elements to be added on the game. Hence, fans should expect better gaming experience on the next installment.

What does it means for the game to go back to its roots?

The Resident Evil game series have evolved in more genres including wide range of weapons and the use of third-person shooter. With the news coming from Kantan Games CEO, "Resident Evil 7" game is expected to have that horror genre and offensive style back.

What to expect from Capcom at E3 2016?

E3 2016 date is on June 14-16. Capcom is expected to show the development of RE7 and also release Resident Evil 2 Remake. The remake is said to be rejuvenated in term of style. An interview with Capcom spokespersons revealed that "Resident Evil 2 Remake" will feature classic memories but the new version will be modernized, Christian Times reported.

Capcom itself does not make any statement regarding the rumors and Resident Evil 7 delayed release date. Do you think the game developer will announce both Resident Evil franchises at E3 2016? 

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